is a comprehensive tool for managing optical recognition project of various types of paper documents, with Ciclope you can setup projects with automatic reading of the images in an easy and intuitive way. Born to treat large amounts of data, the software is modulated according to different requirements, from a few thousand to millions of documents per year. It contains the following functions:
Administration (creation and management of projects)
Designer (creation of masks recognition)
Scan (it manages the scan or the import of images from different media)
Validation and Correction (rules for the control and eventual correction of data)
Workflow (control flow of processed images)
Through user-friendly and intuitive interface with the simple click of the mouse you can set: the configuration parameters of the project, the fields to be detected, the steps for image processing, validation rules, data and image storage.


The target of any optical reading project is the detection and management of the data contained in the document. The decision to equip CICLOPE with SQL Server database is functional to the needs of reliability, security, integrity and backup and an engine like SQL Server guarantees them that are essential in any business process. No problem on the amount of data to manage, extremely fast data access, ability to operate on the data through the powerful features that SQL Server makes available through the tool of the Analysis and Reporting Services: these are the additional benefits of having chosen a database of the latest generation. The database not only stores the information collected by the images but also all the configuration parameters, and also allows you to monitor in detail all operations performed on the images themselves, providing statistics on the duration of the processes and activities carried out by users - operators in order to have a careful management of productivity.


Ciclope integrates different engines for the automatic recognition:
OMR (Marking)
OCR (Printed alphanumeric characters)
ICR (Handwritten alphanumeric characters)
It also has powerful features for pre-processing of images such as: Crop (remove borders blacks), Deskew (straightening of images based on target), Resize (correction of the distortions generated by mechanical scanning stage of the images themselves), Color filter (selective removal of individual tones)